Our to-done list

We’re getting very close to the big move. But let’s see what one or both of us have done since the start of the year:

  • Bought an apartment
  • Renovated the apartment by combining it with what we already had – including the accompanying byzantine NYC bureaucracy
  • Accepted a new job and with it, made the decision to move country.
  • Found a house in the UK
  • Got both kids into a good school in London – just as competitive as NYC
  • Become a citizen of the US
  • Put the apartment on the market (holding open houses is such fun).
  • Started to move stuff overseas (or give it away or sell it on eBay)
  • Travel to the UK, Switzerland & various places in the US.
  • Gradually disconnect from our life in NYC (banks, credit cards, utilities, schools etc)

All the time holding down our jobs, keeping the kids on the straight & narrow (only two ER visits during this time!) and generally trying to maintain some sangfroid about the whole thing. So if we haven’t been as communicative as usual, that’ll be why ;).

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