I passed my naturalization test today (on the eve of the 12th anniversary of my arrival on these fair shores). That’s the one where you answer ‘no’ to a bunch of questions – such as whether or not you have ever advocated overthrowing a government, or whether you have ever lied to a government official, or done some of the things that our erstwhile governor was so fond of doing (and some other colorful ones, but this is a family blog), and ‘yes’ to a bunch of others, such as whether or not you are willing to bear arms on behalf of the US.

This was after a 3hr 10 min wait past the appointment time. But 15 mins later it was done. Or almost – their computer system had crashed, so it’s not quite officially done yet, but will be soon.

So, I can now join the US military – where do I sign up and what happens when I do? Oh. Better take the Bush/Cheney option with that one.