Maximo Park & doin’ it for the kidz

I went to see Maximo Park last week – damn good live, the singer has bags of energy and uses it well. The keyboard player does too, but he ends up looking like as if he has no control over his movements. He bounded on stage (quite a small one at Webster Hall), ran around like a dervish and fell over. Mate, if you wanna move around on stage, take up the guitar. Anyway, I digress.

Like many people with kids now, my music is the same as my kids’ music. The boy’s most played song on iTunes is Belle & Sebastian’s ‘Funny Little Frog’ and he’s a big Maximo Park fan (as well as Kaiser Chiefs, his most favorite of his favorite bands). But not even being six yet, it’s hard for him to experience the gig atmosphere.

So it’s great to be able to go to YouTube the next morning and show him a song from the gig his Dad had been to less than 12 hours before to give him some idea. Since then someone has gone further and put a compilation up:

Meanwhile I had taken a picture of the outside of the venue with my camera that was so bad I can’t even use it here. OK well here it is anyway:

But the funny thing about it was that as soon as I took it, the guy was on the stepladder taking it down and replacing it with ‘Girl’s Night Out,’ which was happening straight after the gig.

You’d have been a bit confused if you’d come along to Webster Hall late for the gig that night, I can tell you.