Vote early, vote often

So having waited 12+ years as a disenfranchised taxpayer, then having left the country clutching my new passport I voted in this election. I think. In fact I think I voted twice.

I sent in a write-in ballot via the Democrats Abroad website – by scrawling Obama/Biden’s names on the thing, which seemed a little odd – which then registered me to vote in New York, and then I got one of these with which to vote for a second time:

It all struck me as a bit like Chicago under Mayor Richard Daley Snr, who was fond of saying “vote early, vote often.” I’m proud to say I did both.

Let’s hope it and all the others count for something. I mean, it’s not as if anything could go wrong with the voting procedure tonight, is it?

The little one was on the computer at the weekend and saw a picture of Obama and exclaimed, “Oh, Obama baby, I hope he wins!” Not that she’s a policy wonk at 4 years old; she just became a fan of this video earlier this year: