Boys around town

The boy came to my relatively new office the other day for the first time. It came time to go home and we started to walk when I realized it was getting a bit tight, time-wise for us to walk home. We saw a couple in a pedicab – New York’s equivalent of a rickshaw that have been around for a few years and are currently the subject of a licensing row. Anyway, we spotted one by the lights outside the Empire State Building at 34th & 5th and we jumped in.

The guy was Russian, having been in the country for about 9 months after living in San Francisco – not so good for cycling, too many hills and all that. Anyway he spotted the accent and us 2.5 Europeans were off through the streets at rush hour.

It was $15 plus tip to get home, about double a cab ride from the same spot, but more fun and a ride home he won’t forget for a long time.

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