Yesterday we closed on our

Yesterday we closed on our apartment. The whole process has been remarkably quick, just over two months from start to finish. It strikes us that we’ll have a great place to live for the next couple of years or so and if it increases in value, so much the better. The most important thing is it gives the little man a room of his own. So not only will he have his own space, but we’ll be able to sleep through his little murmurings in the night and only get up for the major outbursts, which have been very few and far between so far.

Meanwhile, his daytime chit chat has become significantly louder and more word-like this week. He’s clearly starting to learn about the power of his voice, which is quite entertaining. He’s also showing the first sign of two teeth underneath his lower front gums. On the food front, we went out tonight and bought our first box of baby rice as he chugged about 24Oz in three feedings just seven hours apart today. Clearly it’s time to move into to something more substantial.