The lad and me went to the Mets last night – his third game and despite them being really good these past couple of seasons, he has only seen one win (in fact we left while they were losing last season, but they won eventually) and two losses including last nights – but that’s the chance you take when you play 160-odd regular season games plus the post-season stuff (hopefully).
Anyway I’ve long wondered whether things in America couldn’t be run more efficiently and baseball is an exemplar. You have people to show you to your seat, even though you can find it easily enough, people carrying beer around so you don’t have to get off your (in many cases sizable) backside to get something to eat or drink and then there’s the ground crew.

When they’re painting the lines, each guy seems to get one line each and seemingly takes nine people – count them – to water the diamond. That’s a whole baseball team!

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