Top tunes

Who needs kid’s music when you’ve got a boy who appreciates the finer things in life at such an early age?. Ok, he does like the Tweenies and is susceptible to the occasional burst of the Teletubbies, but if he was forced to name a top 3, it would probably go something like this:

The FutureheadsDecent Days and Nights; he hasn’t figured out the words yet, but he sure likes pumping his arms and stomping around to this three-minute guitar & close-harmony romp.

The Streets – Fit but you know it; his favorite line in this being “But i stop sharkin’ a minute to get chips and drinks.” If we had the radio edit we woudn’t have to cough over the slightly more, ahem, colorful lines in it.

And finally Baggy Trousers by Madness; a long-time favorie, whereby the lines…

Baggy trousers, dirty shirt
Pulling hair and eating dirt
Teacher comes to break it up
Back of the ‘ead with a plastic cup.

…result in a bash on the noggin (as he would put it) with a plastic cup, which has been requested before the song starts.

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